My friend Bill:  "Irene, do you just take photos of vegetables?  Nothing else?"

Me:  "Oh no!  Fruits, too!"



Irene Tobis


Committed to an engaged & joyful life


About Vegetables Forward!

Going to the farmers's market helps me remember that I want to eat healthy, fresh, and local. 

Hanging photos of gorgeous vegetables in my kitchen helps me help me affirm and celebrate the role I want vegetables to play in my life.

A few years ago I was 40 pounds heavier, pre-diabetic, stressed and tired all the time.  I set out to improve my diet. It was't easy – we're all bombarded by ads and opportunities to eat junk!  I was a photographer and a psychologist; I pulled out all the stops – and it worked! I now feel fantastic.

Vegetables aren’t my only photographic subjects, but they’re one of my favorites. I hope my photographs help you put vegetables forward in your life, too.

About Irene Tobis


I’d been studying photography and exhibiting at local art shows for about 10 years before moving to Ottawa in 2017. Studying at the School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO) and especially with digital printing master J.A. (Jim) Lamont, fuel-injected my interest into a full-time, passionate pursuit.

I encourage you to to find, create or commission images that you love – and to incorporate them into your daily life.

Commissions – memoirs, books, portraits, collections. I enjoy working with people on their photographic projects. Whether for personal or business presentations, at my home studio in Ottawa or on location, the most exciting and satisfying projects are co-creations, transforming your visions into tangible form. I especially enjoy larger special projects such as memoirs or collections for special events, involving multiple images and text, for online publication and/or printed albums or books.

Wall art – affirmation and exhortation! In our media-dominated world, powerful, skillful forces are at work to manipulate what we think, what we believe, what we buy, what we do. The images we keep on the walls around us, however, can help us stay centered. While I appreciate quickly-viewed images on social media, as a photographer my interest is in the potency of the printed piece.

I do my own printing. I love taking photos (doesn’t everyone?), of people, of places I’m living in or traveling through, things that I find intriguing. But I then get to pour over them, for hours at a time, in the process of editing and printing. I enjoy that as much or more; that’s when I get to know them better.

Photo-activism. My first photo to be accepted for an exhibit was for the Heart Gallery of Texas, a project that connects kids up for adoption with their parents-to-be. I then exhibited with Texas Documentary Photographers for a number of years, exploring the power of images to help people see things differently. I’m currently working toward images for purposes of positive environmental activism.

Photo-psychotherapy. As one of the first psychologists in the US working with Hoarding Disorder, nearly 30 years ago, I needed to document the process of decluttering work in my clients’ homes and offices. Those photos also proved useful, long before TV hoarding shows raised awareness of the issue, for training my staff and colleagues and for advocating for the recognition of Hoarding Disorder as diagnosis – later was achieved in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM 5) in 2013.

Photo-fiction. Photography purely as an art form, like fiction or poetry, is also an ongoing interest. My most creative effort to date is a “documentary fumetti” (a comic book story but with photos instead of drawings). I’m quite pleased with it; let me know what you think!

Look for me at Beechwood Market, or at the New Edinburgh Artists’ Studio Tour, or, by appointment, you are most welcome to visit my home studio.

See my Curriculum Vitae for details on education and exhibitions history. My general-purpose website and social media links, below, are a work in progress. Thanks!