My friend Bill:  "Irene, do you just take photos of vegetables?  Nothing else?"

Me:  "Oh no!  Fruits, too!"



Irene Tobis


Committed to healthier food & a joyful life


About Vegetables Forward!

Going to the farmers's market helps me remember that I want to eat healthy, fresh, and local. 

Hanging photos of gorgeous vegetables in my kitchen helps me help me affirm and celebrate the role I want vegetables to play in my life.

A few years ago I was 40 pounds heavier, pre-diabetic, and tired all the time.  I set out to improve my diet. It was't easy – we're all bombarded by ads and opportunities to eat junk – but it worked!  I now feel fantastic.

I hope my photographs will help you put vegetables forward in your life, too.

My “kitchen art” photography began at a farmer’s market in Austin, Texas, back in 2009 — in some particularly luscious late afternoon light. I began selling small framed images at local art shows that year. After moving to Ottawa in 2017, I discovered the farmers’ markets here. The next summer I had a stall for a new line of laminated “kitchen art boards” at Ottawa Farmers' Market at Lansdowne Park and at Beechwood Market, then at the Christmas markets. Look for me at Beechwood Market this summer, or, by appointment, you are most welcome to visit my home studio.

About Irene Tobis


I’d been studying photography, exhibiting and occasionally selling photographs for about 10 years before moving to Ottawa in 2017. My introduction to the School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO) and especially digital printing guru J.A. (Jim) Lamont ignited the project that became Vegetables Forward! and photography as a full-time, professional and passionate pursuit.

I’m interested in photography’s potential to help people live healthier and happier lives.

I enjoy working with people to create their photographs. Portraits — at my home studio in Ottawa or on location – when they’re most exciting and satisfying, are really co-creations. I worked as a psychologist for 30+ years; I find that people often appreciate sensitivity and encouragement when we’re working toward their photographic goals, whether for personal or business presentations. I also enjoy larger special projects such as memoirs or collections for special events, involving multiple images for online publication and/or printed albums or books.

See my Curriculum Vitae for details on education and exhibitions history. My general-purpose website and social media links, below, are a work in progress. Thanks!